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Spring TX 77388

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About Polaris Guidance Systems, LLC

Polaris is an innovative supplier of drilling motors, MWD logging systems and WITSML data solutions for the oilfield drilling sector. Polaris is committed to providing superior technological products and strong customer support which translates into a significant competitive advantage to our customers allowing them to fully exploit their specific market niche.

The Polaris business model is premised upon:

• Utilizing direct communication between our software/ hardware designers and our customers to ensure that we understand their needs and requirements at present and on an ongoing basis

• Providing a secure, web-based data service that is user friendly, fast, and allows a number of authorized parties to access critical information in real time.

• Maintaining the development, design, testing and manufacture of our products in-house so that we can achieve and regulate the highest standards of quality control with respect to our product lines

• The commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of technical & operational support at all times and the ability to rectify issues in an expeditious, professional manner.

• The ability to respond immediately to our clients’ requests for specially tailored applications, add-ons and reporting.

• Allowing customers the flexibility to either purchase our products outright or lease same, depending upon their specific corporate philosophy.

• Employing professional, innovative, highly experienced and motivated personnel to ensure the successful implementation of our model and secure the continued business success of Polaris and our valued customers.