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MWD Logging Software

MWD Logging Software

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MWD Logging System

The Polaris MWD and Directional software is pre-installed and 24-hour tested on every laptop before delivery ensuring the highest of reliability. In addition to the laptop the system includes 1-commercial-grade four port serial interface and cables packaged in a rugged carrying case. Users access the software using a standards-compliant WEB browser even remotely using a tablet computer's browser. It is easily deployed with minimal user training. The WEB browser interface to the RDS is intuitive and easy to master with all the functionality of conventional desktop applications without all the complicated menus and procedures.


Standard industry-required features include:

• Compatible with all major brand MWD decoding systems
• Fully compatible with all WITS based rig monitoring systems
• Full LAS file export and import functionality
• Log plots in PDF format and plot on roll paper plotters
• Complete selection of detailed survey plots and reports
• Full-featured data editor and scaling functions
• Memory module data import and correlation support
• Resistivity support and logarithmic scales
• Easily create full backup files for safe storage


Additional features include:

• Automatic data synchronization to client’s WITSML server for the most accurate and up-to-date information
• User definable plot configurations for easy report management
• Detailed survey plots including well planning data for as-built reporting and gamma ray overlays
• Built-in E-mail contact management for sending predefined plots and reports to remote personnel:w
• Automatic database recovery backups to Dashboard Cloud Service
• For remote directional applications, a Driller's login page providing a graphical Tool Face display with a slide reference highlight on the dial and two-way instant messaging to remote directional personnel.
• Alarm condition notifications , automatic re-logging and a variety of other time saving features
• Create database templates for each customer providing consistent quality with all personnel
• Networked centralized monitoring and control of all systems



WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) is a petroleum industry standard way of sharing drilling and completions related technical data among various organizations. It is non-proprietary open standard based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language) technology that was specifically created to share data in a format that is both human and machine readable.
By utilizing WITSML, vendors/organizations are easily able to share information in pseudo real time without having to deal with incompatible data formats and software. With enabling of data push from RDS using WITSML, all collected data can be transmitted to client’s WITSML server.

Features of the WITSML module include:

• RDS can push data to the clients in near real time, securely and automatically
• Data pushed per WITSML specification with built-in data transmission error correction
• Survey and Depth Logs transmitted to as many as four independent destinations
• Automatically re-transmits all data corrections from rig site, including surveys and logs for complete synchronization
• Simple configuration – all that is needed is login information to the destination WITSML server
• Extensively tested with industry leading WITSML vendors
• Time Log data push for near real-time monitoring