Polaris Dashboard Service

The Polaris Dashboard Service is a great compliment to the RDS and Laptop systems. The Dashboard is a complete solution for tracking the status and configuration of all RDS and Laptops within your organization.

Features of the Dashboard include:

• All Polaris systems automatically report to the Dashboard every 15 seconds providing a pseudo real-time display of all data received by the system on-site

• Full listing and status of all systems including click-able links to systems that are available for remote login

• User selectable columns on the list including rig status, contact information, depth and survey data, well information and many others

• Storage of database backups automatically sent to the Dashboard for disaster recovery options

• Permanent storage of “TD” backups at the end of each job

• Remote monitoring of each system individually by opening windows for each and selecting the data to be displayed

• Geographic location mapping of systems including current weather conditions and pop-up status windows

• Survey data reports in PDF, CSV, XLS and XLSX formats

• Complete configuration report for each system allowing remote diagnostic checks

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