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Depth Tracking System

• Enhanced TFT color touch screen user interface (optional second touch screen interface)
• Works in conjunction with rig WITS data or stand-alone
• Easy to use drawworks encoder calibration algorithim
• Automatic slips detection or manual operation
• High Precision depth tracking providing:

Hole Depth – Rate of Penetration – Bit Depth – Hookload – Block Height – Weight on Bit

• Compatible with all major data logging systems
• Available in either wireless or wired configurations
• 110VAC or 220 VAC
• NEMA 4 water tight enclosure with safety barriers on all sensors
• Commercial Grade 900 Mhz spread spectrum radio modems for wireless models

Polaris's Depth Tracking System (DTS) incorporates automatic slips detection and an easy to use drawworks calibration procedure to provide precise depth tracking data for your logging operations.
The wireless version of the DTS utilized 900Mhz spread spectrum radio modems that dramatically reduce interference problems from crowded 802.1X wireless networks at the rig site. The intuitive touch screen graphical user interface with buttons large enough to use with gloves makes the Polaris DTS extremely easy to operate. Polaris also supplies encoders, pressure transducers and cables for a complete solution.